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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top Tips on How to Protect Your Sliding Glass Door

By ARTLOOK GLASS   Posted at  11:41 PM  

Top Tips on How to Protect Your Sliding Glass Door

While your front door is probably rather thick, with a deadbolt to prevent someone from breaking in, the patio door may be made entirely from glass with only a flimsy lock. Enhancing patio door security poses a unique challenge because of the way most sliding glass doors are designed, but it is certainly possible. Here are a few ways to enhance the security of this vulnerable area of your home:
Your first step is to check the installation of the door. Did you know that some sliding glass doors have been improperly installed in a way that allows an intruder to simply lift the door off the tracks? Call in a professional if you're not sure if the door has been installed correctly. Driving a screw into the top of the upper track can also prevent some of these issues Architectural Glass Projects

Now, get a bar to stop the door from being forced open. This bar fits into the track of the sliding glass door, preventing it from opening even if the lock is broken. This simple yet effective door stopper is easy to use and won't interfere with the attractiveness of your patio door. Even a broom handle or dowel placed in the track will serve this purpose 

Next, consider adding a second lock to your sliding glass door. Most patio doors have relatively flimsy locks that can snap off or break under pressure and could easily be forced open by an intruder. Look for a reliable and durable lock to prevent this possibility Glass Bathroom Shelves

One of the most important security features you can add is a glass break alarm. This alarm will sound if the glass breaks for any reason, from a child throwing a baseball to a burglar wielding a bat. Large panes of glass, such as those found in the typical sliding glass door, are particularly vulnerable entry points because they can be smashed. Glass break alarms will instantly alert you to the breach in security. This is one of the simplest and most effective way to stop burglars from entering through a broken glass door. Your other options to stop a burglar from breaking the glass to get inside are to install ugly security bars across the pane or replace it with expensive bulletproof or shatter-resistant glass. Even if you have glass break detectors, you should also install door alarms, which will go off if the door is opened Kitchen Glass
Finally, any door or window, including patio doors, should be protected with outdoor lighting and a surveillance camera. Whether you choose a dummy camera or the real deal, burglars will avoid that entry point because they don't want to be caught on tape breaking in Glass Floor Tiles

You can protect the security of your patio door not only through using these security devices, but also by paying attention to how you use the door. Do you ever leave it open for ventilation or while you're outside gardening, lounging by the pool, or enjoying our backyard? Remember, open windows and doors should never be left unattended. If you're out of eyesight, it takes just seconds for a burglar to slip inside Glass Office Partitions
A large percentage of burglars enter through a back or side door, where they can't be seen from the street. Many families forget about the importance of securing these entry points from burglars. It is easy to increase the security of this area with little effort and minimal cost laminated glass