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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Remove a Sliding Glass Door

By Unknown   Posted at  7:22 AM  

Remove a Sliding Glass Door

1 – Protect your Floor
Sliding glass doors are heavy and have sharp edges on the bottom which can scar a floor surface if the door is dropped or set down to hard on the floor. To protect the floor you should lay a piece of heavy cardboard or an old quilt on the floor where you plan to stand your door once you remove it from its frame Architectural Glass Doors

Step 2 - Remove the Screen Door
Holding both edges of the screen door, raise the door until the bottom rollers clear the track, and then pull the bottom of the door toward you. If you cannot raise the door far enough for the rollers to clear the track, place the front edge of a flathead screwdriver or pry bar under the rollers and pry upward. You may need to pry both ends of the door up in order for it to clear the track. To remove the door, pull it toward you Sliding Glass Doors

Step 3 – Remove the Glass Stationary Door
Have someone help you lift the door, then pull the bottom of the door outward toward you and out of the lower track. The top of the door will still be inserted into the top track, so lower the door until the top door edge clears the upper track. You may need to remove retaining screws at the top, middle and bottom edges of the door Glass Bathroom Shelves

Step 4 – Remove the Sliding Door
You'll find the sliding door easier to lift from its track if you slide it to the center of the track. This door will be heavy and may require you to use a sturdy pry bar to lift it enough for it to clear the track it's in. If you are unable to lift the door high enough to clear the track, insert a flathead screwdriver beneath the roller wheels in the track, and pry the wheel upward until it clears the track Glass Sliding Doors
Step 5 –Alternative Steps to Remove the Door
If the door still won't clear the lower track when it's raised, it is probably because you need to adjust the rollers at the bottom edge of the door. Locate the adjustment screws at the door's bottom corner. There, you'll see a small hole. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into this hole and turn the screw inside the hole counterclockwise. This should raise the roller and allow you to lift the door and pull the bottom edge toward you and away from the bottom track Shower  Glass Doors