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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time Tested Tips on How to Clean Your Glass Bathroom Shelves

By ARTLOOK GLASS   Posted at  8:38 AM  

Time Tested Tips on How to Clean Your Glass Bathroom Shelves

Everyone wants to have a sparkling bathroom. There are an abundance of products that can be used to clean your glass bathroom shelves and keep them clean. With the great look they provide for your bathroom, the last thing you want to see are dirty shelves and water stains.

Vinegar and Water is a Great Glass Cleaner
Using a spray bottle that you can purchase at your local retailer, mix vinegar and water half and half. The mixture should be shaken well. Spray it on your glass shelves and wipe with your cleaning cloth. Make sure this is a dry cloth. The mixture will remove any dirt and for the final step you can use a crumpled newspaper to go over the glass. You will have a streak free sparkling clean shelf.

If you are fighting tough dirt that has accumulated for a while on your glass shelves, you may want to make the vinegar solution a little stronger. Or even use the vinegar full strength to get rid of built-up grime. Proceed with the steps as outlined above and your glass shelves will look as good as new.