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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Glass Mirrors

By ARTLOOK GLASS   Posted at  7:32 AM  

Glass Mirrors

Any surface capable of reflecting insufficient distributed light to form an image of an object placed in front of it is called a mirror. Its old-fashioned term is "looking-glass". They can be plane or curved. Plane mirror has flat surface while a curved mirror produces magnified or diminished images, focuses light or distorts the reflected images.

These items are used for grooming. No one gets out of his house without looking himself in the mirror. They can also be used in decoration and architecture. Scientific apparatuses like telescopes, lasers, cameras and industrial machineries also comprise of this thing. They are also used in kaleidoscope. It is a tube of mirrors which contains colored pebbles, beads and other small objects. Two mirrors are placed at 45, 60, 90 degree angle facing each other.

Most of these things are manufactured with glass substrate in which a reflective coating is applied to it. Glass mirrors, as they are called, have many types. Silver glass type is a flat mirror coated by a mixture of silver, copper film and two or more layers of waterproof coating on the back surface of a float glass. This kind withstands acid and moisture. It gives clear and actual images and is durable.