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Monday, October 13, 2014

Architectural Glass Doors

By ARTLOOK GLASS   Posted at  8:44 AM  

Architectural Glass Doors

  Architectural glass is glass used as a structural element, as opposed to merely decorative or inserted in hole in the wall for the sole purpose of providing light and a way to see out. Thus architectural glass doors are doors wherein the glass is an integral structural element of the door.

  There are many options when choosing glass for your architectural glass doors, although it may be wise to choose from safety glass types, which include toughened, reinforced and laminated glasses.

  Crown glass is the earliest style of glass window. It consisted of hot blown glass forced onto a round, flat sheet and cut to size. It was a very expensive mode of manufacture and could not be used to make large panes.

  It is not ideal for architectural glass applications, as it is not particularly strong compared to newer glass technologies. Also, it is expensive. It is still used for restoring old buildings, however, as it has a unique look that cannot be obtained through any other process.

  Glass blocks or glass bricks are often used as architectural glass in building walls and partitions, but are not ideal for doors as they tend to be very thick and very heavy. They could be used for doors, but this application is rare.