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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Architectural for Glass

By Kolja Klok   Posted at  1:29 AM  

"ARCHITECTURAL GLASS " represent the interpenetration of science and industry, the focus of the latest industry technology and equipment and collect all of the glass industry experts.
Share best practices and allow industry leaders call held within the exhibition  competition "The best architectural solutions", "Virtuosos of Glass" and "Equipment and tools for glass processing."

Essence of modern business is active, quick response to market transformation, adequate responses to the challenges competitive environment. Enterprise-industry leaders, they are the same - regular exhibitors, consider it one of the main tools for increasing brand awareness and image formation of the company, give participation in the event of great importance and annually raise stake withdrawn exhibition in their marketing plans.  

Held during the exhibition conferences, seminars, "round tables", business meetings, workshops, premieres and presentations on the most topical issues and key problems of promoting the industry, are the perfect platform for the exchange of ideas and business development, promotion of advanced technologies and the introduction of advanced technological innovations.