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Friday, March 28, 2014

Architectural glass

By Kolja Klok   Posted at  4:59 AM  

Supplier of glass walls, cabinet glass, furniture glass, glass counter tops and other decorative glass at Architectural Glass. Glass lends a sparkle to any interior! Of all the available decorative materials, glass is surely the most versatile.

This decorative glass or textured glass is used in smaller projects, usually with interior applications such as glass cabinets for bathrooms, furniture glass, glass partitions and glass room dividers, glass counter tops and decorative glass windows to only name a few.

NOT to be confused with heavier glass typically used on the exterior of many buildings and business towers!
Architectural Glass has gathered its vast inventory of truly unique glass from five continents around the world, and makes it conveniently available to you from any of our six regional locations across the United States. Now, you have direct access to the nation's largest, single source of unique, decorative architectural glass in the country!