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Friday, March 7, 2014

Have You Got Glass Shower Doors In Your House? Clean Them Correctly!

By Anonymous   Posted at  9:25 PM  

At last your dream has come true and now you have a new frameless glass shower door. You can’t but admire the new look of your bathroom at the moment, but it’s already the high time to start thinking of washing it correctly. The matter is that in several months, you can see some mineral build up and soap scum on the surface of your recently new door. But try to cope with the problem a bit earlier when this coating isn’t thick yet, as it can be harder to clean.
Unfortunately, even after making your frameless glass shower door clean it may turn out to be too difficult to maintain further, particularly if it’s a high traffic bathroom. This means that your bathroom is used very often. Nevertheless, don’t get upset, as there’re several steps for you to take in order to minimize the time spent on the process of cleaning your shower door, so that you’ll keep it attractive and clean for many years to come.

If worst comes to worst, you can use other options for your frameless glass shower doors. One of the options concerns the usage of special glass from which your shower door can be produced and which significantly helps to clean the door quicker and easier. In addition, there’re also certain protective coatings which can greatly lessen the time spent on cleaning the door.

But most of frameless glass shower doors is produced from standard glass that had a porous structure and in the course of time can be easily damaged or just covered by hard water, soap scum, and even humidity. In order to avoid more serious problems, it’s highly recommended to provide your shower glass door with proper care on everyday basis. Taking care of your shower door for just a minute a day will prevent you from spending a great amount of time on thorough cleaning of your shower glass.

The second advantage of cleaning your frameless glass shower door every day will protect it from potential damaging your shower doors with the permanent character. Spending only one minute a day and cleaning your glass with a shower door glass cleaner and wiping it down with a soft clean cloth is everything you’ll need to do to keep your shower door new and fresh for many years.

Fortunately, the contemporary market offers a great variety of different effective shower door glass cleaners that can bring a brand new look to your shower door. Some experts in this field recommend to use a squeegee in order to "squee gee" the water off the glass after each procedure of taking the shower, but in reality even just a soft cloth can do this work in a perfect way. But if you have noticed that your shower door has a thick layer of coating on t, it’s better to purchase a bottle of high-rate shower door glass cleaner.

If you want always to see your shower door glass new and shiny, keep it ventilated in order to get rid of too much moisture. Everybody knows that there’s much moisture in any bathroom or shower room, but few people completely realize that it can cause unnecessary dirt and grime to stick to the glass that makes it too difficult to remove. As a result, everything you can see on the shower door glass is it’s grimy and foggy look. If you don’t wish to see such a picture even in your nightmare, try to do your best to spray your glass door, wipe it with a soft dry cloth, and ventilate it every day. And enjoy your shiny shower door glass for many years.

Because of the porous character of glass, it’s sometimes advised to use a protective coating that works perfectly in preventing the necessity to maintain your glass door every day. The greater number of protective sealants is directly coated onto the glass itself, while others need to be located onto the glass at the factory. And still there’re those sealants, like ShowerGuard, which aren't even a coating or sealant in their nature, but they serve as a sealant. Special coatings and glass can reduce the time necessary for cleaning your shower door glass, but still you have to maintain it from time to time. Wipe the door quickly after having the shower and occasionally clean it with special products and your door will please you long.

Finally, if you’ve got a frameless glass shower door and you are experiencing difficulties with keeping it clean, undoubtedly, you can follow some steps given higher. At least one cleaning method is expected to fit you and prove to be effective in your situation. But if you haven’t washed your frameless shower door glass for a long time, and it has got some hard-to-clean coating, consider using some of the best sealants available in the modern market. You can also decide on using such an alternative as the protective coating or even ShowerGuard shower door glass. And never lose your courage, no matter how dirty your shower door glass is there’re always many ways to bring a new beautiful look to it! Good luck!